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Are you a tutor or teacher looking for Ballarat students? Just click submit to place to place a free ad in just two clicks - you have nothing to lose!

Potential students can easily view the ads and quickly make direct contact with tuition adverisers whose classes and lessons are of interest.


• Language tutors
• Music lessons
• Dance classes
• Primary, secondary and tertiary teachers
• Pottery, art and cooking lessons
• All types of Ballarat classes, lessons and tutors

Advertisers Tips

• Start with an headline that instantly let's people know what you teach

• Attract readers attention with a picture

• Increase response by paying the very small fee to upgrade your ad to make sure that people see it first – it will be larger, get top billing above free ads, may contain 5 images and a working link if you have your own website
"Would most definitely recommend this site to other people!

My advertisement got me in touch with people who wanted to learn Spanish and it helped me start tutoring.

- E. Tresize



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