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"I love Exchange Classifieds. It was easy to find and easy to use.

I will be using it again.

Thanks for making buying and selling so easy!

- Fiona

"Found Exchange Classifieds by accident, used 3 times with good response.

I certainly recommend, it gives people the opportunity of advertising without no cost or a small cost comparing to newspapers !!

- MB

"Thank you for providing this service to us wee business people ... Have a wonderful day! Tatjana


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Computers & Phones.

• For sale & repair : Phones & computers • Ballarat VIC

Computers & Phones. Ballarat computer repairs & IT support. Sell computers, notebooks & tablets in Ballarat. Mobile phones, iphones & phone accessories for sale in Ballarat. Phone repairs in Ballarat, VIC.

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• Free advertising • Ballarat Victoria VIC

FREE ADVERTISING BALLARAT. Bookkeeping, accounting, office cleaning, legal, printing & security services in Ballarat. Franchises & businesses for sale in Ballarat.

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"This site is great. Since 2003, I have advertised to find and offer share accommodation, rent property as well as sell cars.

I have had many, many responses to my ads. It`s a great service your are providing to the public.

Thank you Exchange Classifieds!

- Michael S.

"I would highly recommend and will use again, and again..... fantastic advertising service.

- J. Jackson


"I have had a good response to our ad for a manufacturing product. Not all have bought but it certainly has been a big help to us - your site has produced results that have not been forthcoming from other sites we have used.

Many thanks, Graeme.


"I listed my laptop for sale.

Within 2 hours it was sold and I had the cash in my hot little hands !!!!!!!!

Scott B.


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